Profitable promotions guaranteed

The Untie Nots Platform delivers something very new to the industry: an easy-to-install, end-to-end platform on which high-frequency retailers and wholesalers can build and automatically execute promotions that reward customers for incremental behavior.
Profitability is guaranteed through offer design.

Challenge offer

Our solution begins with a Challenge

A Challenge is a hyper-personalized continuity promotion.

Personalized across three critical dimensions:

Establish relevance with an offer featuring each customer’s favorite brand or product group.

Stretch each customer to spend more or visit more frequently with individualized thresholds.

Provide sufficient motivation with tailored reward amounts.

Blend customer-facing simplicity with behind-the-scenes AI and ML.

Reward incremental behavior only and profitability guaranteed through offer design.

Challenge campaign


A Challenge campaign is a collection of personalized Challenges curated for each customer.

Achieve critical mass and broaden impact across the store, similar in concept to the weekly ad.

Promote using a generous and concrete customer value proposition across mass channels.

Highlight relevance of offers to each customer within targeted communication channels.

Add a powerful new reason for customers to become digitally engaged.



An intuitive, enjoyable, and rewarding experience keeps customers coming back.

Tap into the individual’s competitive spirit to win each Challenge.

Encourage gamesmanship by allowing each customer to select which Challenges to play.

Ramp up the fun and excitement with complementary promotions and events.

Add non-transactional Challenges to reward behaviors that build Customer Lifetime Value.

End-to-end solution

Everything you need in one simple yet powerful tool

End-to-end, automated, promotional rewards platform for high-frequency retailers and wholesalers.

Flexible data ingestion solution.

AI- and ML-powered personalization engine.

Earn & burn rewards platform that easily integrates with existing infrastructure.

API-driven, continuously updated digital user experience.

CRM output files to personalize targeted communications.

Three web-based portals: campaign & offer management, customer service, performance monitoring.

Test & learn capabilities to optimize performance.


Implementation is
fast & easy

Removing complexity and making it easy for clients are guiding principles.

Leverages existing data feeds and no POS integration required.

Integrates seamlessly with client’s martech stack, digital properties, and rewards currency.

Minimizes client resources needed to support setup and less than 1 FTE to run and operate.

Launch first campaign only 5 weeks after basic data validation is complete.

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