The missing piece to your promotions & customer loyalty strategy

Mass promotions provide scale. Personalized offers deliver relevance and profitability. Digital coupons bring convenience. The Untie Nots Platform enables clients to achieve all these objectives and even more.

A smart new approach that benefits all stakeholders

Designed to be a win-win-win solution for retailers, suppliers, and customers.

Happy Suppliers
Generate $4 of incremental retail sales for every $1 of reward earned.
Reward shoppers for incremental spend on the brand, not past behavior
Reach shoppers highly engaged with the brand and others who should be.
Build connections between shoppers and the brand, not just products.
Digital first, impact continues to grow as retailer scales digital engagement.
Easy to participate, with transparent offer design logic, performance monitoring from Day 1 of each campaign, and brand-centric media opportunities.
Happy Retailers
Generate $7 of incremental sales for every $1 of reward earned.
Positively impact transactional and non-transactional behaviors, growing share-of-wallet and Customer Lifetime Value.
In the near term, 5-10x customer participation compared to digital coupons.
Longer term, participation and impact will scale as digital continues to grow and new habits solidify.
Easy for customers to play, an on-ramp to digital acquisition and engagement.
Differentiated value proposition to suppliers, maintaining full control of participation and monetization opportunities.
Fast implementation with very low resource requirements for setup, run and operate.
Happy Customers
Easy to understand and generous opportunity to earn rewards.
Easy to play by clicking on an email or identifying themself just like they do in stores.
Relevant offers on their favorite brands with plenty of time to win and ability to shop any store or channel.
Control to select the offers they want to try to “game” the system.
Continuous progress updates on their personal webpage, email, and mobile app notifications.
Fun and engaging user experience, especially when compared with digital coupons.
New and enjoyable reason to become more digitally engaged.

Established platform trusted by leading retailers and their suppliers

“Solution set up was easy for our team and has been delivered very quickly by Untie Nots”

Olga Khoubaeva – head of customer engagement Carrefour Belgique

Proven success within diverse operating environments

The Unite Nots Platform is designed for enterprise-level, high-frequency retailers and wholesalers. If you capture customer-identifiable transaction data, it’s built for you.

B2C or B2B

Omnichannel operator or pure play eCommerce

Single format or multi-format environments

Company-owned or franchise business model

High-low pricing strategy or EDLP

Active customer loyalty program or no formal program

Existing rewards currency or none

Supplier-funded promotions or 100% self-funded

End-to-end solution brings new capabilities to your business

Personalized promotions with profitability guaranteed through offer design.
Multi-week and quick-turn campaigns delivered at scale.
Generous mass value proposition that breaks through the clutter.
Fun and engaging customer experiences within your digital properties.
Automated offer and campaign execution at your fingertips.
Customer service portal to quickly respond to customer inquiries.
In-campaign reporting portal to monitor performance.
Profitable and transparent value proposition for your suppliers.

The Untie Nots Platform is built on Google Cloud

Now available within Google Cloud marketplace to draw down any annual commits.

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