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Founded in Paris in 2016, Untie Nots is a rewards platform software company that concentrates on building and executing profitable promotions that accelerate digital migration, acquisition, and engagement of customers through personalized offers and gamification. Untie Nots does not consider itself a loyalty platform because it doesn’t manage a unique identifier generated for the customer. Instead, it uses its clients’ existing identifiers to provide an end-to-end executional platform that ensures simplicity, continuity of data and speed of implementation.

The SaaS solution, Loyalty Challenge, uses hyper-personalization and gamification to drive participation and incremental sales.
A Challenge offer is a continuity promotion where all three elements of the offer – the product scope, the spend threshold, and the reward amount – are hyper-personalized to each customer based on prior purchase behavior. The platform is flexible and allows the client to define the product scope of the offers using the client’s own product database. Product scopes can be defined based on brands, categories, or even specific product features, like being gluten-free. Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), relevant offers are generated automatically by the solution resulting in hundreds of unique combinations and permutations for each customer to “win,” and increase their incremental spend. 
Challenge offers are then bundled into Challenge campaigns to create a generous and compelling value proposition that can be mass marketed to all customers who are members of the client’s loyalty program. While the total reward opportunity for a Challenge campaign is communicated in mass, every offer is relevant to the customer and designed to only reward incremental behavior. Offer and campaign profitability is virtually guaranteed through offer design.
The Untie Nots platform is designed with supplier participation in mind and makes it easy for suppliers and brands to contract, fund, and create offers in conjunction with the client, add creative to the campaign, test the challenge, and log-in to see in-campaign performance reporting.
From an integration perspective, Untie Nots developed its platform to create little demand on client IT and Digital departments. There is no point-of-sale integration and the system uses existing data feeds. The digital user experience is customized, automatically generated, and seamlessly integrated into the client’s digital properties. If desired, Untie Nots has a full set of APIs for clients that prefer to design and host within their own infrastructure.
Less than a single FTE can typically manage the entire platform, which includes administrative portals for campaign management, campaign performance reporting, and customer service inquiries.
Untie Nots platform capabilities

  • Flexible data import interface
  • Personalization engine
  • Rewards earn (and burn, if needed) platform
  • API-based, white-label digital customer experience customized for client
  • CRM output files to feed into existing martech stack and personalize customer communications
  • Web-based administrative portals regularly updated during the campaign as new client-supplied data enters the solution
  • Role-based permissions to accommodate various personas within the client organization and participating suppliers

Currently, Untie Nots is working with brands in Europe and has recently entered the U.S. Market. The company prides itself on its ability to get client programs up and running quickly with a sharp focus