Modernize your approach to promotions & customer loyalty (FR version)

Easily personalize and gamify your digital promotions, at scale, with an innovative offer design that delights customers and guarantees profitability.

Accomplish your commercial objectives

Grow sales with profitability guaranteed
Deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale
Accelerate digital acquisition and engagement
Unlock new revenue streams with suppliers
7:1 incremental sales to rewards earned by only rewarding incremental behavior
1,000s of truly 1:1 offers without a team of analysts and no offer pool
5-10x more participation han digital coupons with engaging user experience.
4:1 incremental sales to rewards earned for participating suppliers

Running profitable promotions has never been so easy

Automated end-to-end solution

Built on the Google Cloud Platform, we apply AI and ML in innovative ways to automate the creation, execution, and performance reporting of your promotional campaigns

Seamless integration

API-driven and easily connects with your existing infrastructure to deliver your customers a great experience within your digital properties

Minimal resource needs

Designed specifically to simplify setup and maintenance with the goal to eliminate the impact on your IT, digital, and commercial teams

Seamless integration

Launch your first campaign within five weeks* and roll out with the approach and pace that works for you

*After data validation

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How it works

Created originally for grocery retail, the Untie Nots Platform is designed to address three key problems for high-frequency retailers and wholesalers

Issue 1

Mass promotions are inefficient, and many are unprofitable

Issue 2

Limited resources to build and maintain engaging omnichannel experiences

Issue 3

Personalized offers are difficult to execute, and even harder to scale

A Challenge

Personalized promotions with profitability guaranteed through offer design

Challenge campaigns

Generous value proposition to customers within an intuitive and fun user experience

Automated execution

Modern technologies to automate almost everything, from offer creation to campaign analysis

Why it works

The Untie Nots Platform is expressly designed to satisfy stakeholders across the value chain. Everybody wins!

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